Education Services

American Intercultural Education is more than a student placement firm; we help student's achieve their dream of studying in the United States, help government and agencies achieve their goal of having a highly trained workforce through overseas education, and we help build long lasting profitable relationships.

Our services are also used by individuals, exchange students and visiting scholars. Our firm creates the opportunity for our students to achieve their American academic dreams.

Students return home armed with knowledge and new cultural understanding that will create opportunities for their career and transform their future. Our firm matches your educational goals with the proper institution and program overseas. We may even negotiate with our educational institution partners to customize curriculums to meet the specific objectives of your group.

We manage the entire admission and process to request a Visa, provide an orientation to the institution and the community and assist in housing and travel arrangements when required.

Our educational services include:

  • Degree programs: Graduate, undergraduate, and associate degrees
  • Certificate
  • Exchange Students
  • Visiting Scholars
  • High Schools

"I am truly grateful to AIE. They helped me gain admission to study ESL at a university in the United States. I was able to complete a 6 month English improvement program in only 5 weeks. As the result of finishing the program earlier than expected, I needed to gain admission into the university earlier than planned. However, it was during the summer break and the application deadline had already past. I was very anxious and did not know what to do next. AIE immediately contacted the appropriate departments to expedite my application and obtained an admission for the September semester. They're always there for me, a $1,600 check was stolen in 2010. I didn't not knowing what to do, Lin Johnson consoled me and instructed me on how to report to the police and approach the bank. As the result, I not only recovered the $1,600 with the help of the police but was also awarded additional $800 compensation from the bank. Lin is an honest, warm-hearted and capable person who is always willing to help. She is very experienced and well connected in both the U.S. and China. I highly recommend AIE."

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